Solid mechanic

instead of sensitive electronics …


In terms of hard ambient conditions, solid mechanic in control technology offers a competitive alternative to sensitive electronics.

Depending on application areas, symmetrical and asymmetrical systems have been established in the past. After sending us your application demands, we will advise you regarding the most qualified system.

Take a look at our product overview:

Symmetrically variable speed pulleys
Asymmetrically variable speed pulleys
Assembly units RGAE
Variable speed gear motors
ATEX variable speed gear motors

BERGES Produktübersicht

Symmetrical pulley technology up to 160 kW

  • V-shaped, symmetrical cross-section
  • Uniform flank contact forces
  • High power transmission with low mass
Symmetrische Verstellscheibe

Double pulley drive RF b 
for wide V-belts

A mechanical variable pulley Rb. mounted on the driving shaft (motor shaft) and a spring-loaded variable pulley Fb, mounted on the driven shaft* form a variable pulley set with fixed centre distance RF b. Also suitable for reversing operation.

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Double pulley drive RD b
for wide V-belts

This pulley set has a torque-dependent control cam in addition to the pressure springs to absorb intermittent overloading or torque peaks.

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Double pulley drive KRM, RF 
for standard V-belts

These pulley sets are designed for use with standard V-belts in special applications. The KRM type pulleys are designed as plain pulleys and RF types with interlacing pulley sheaves.

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Speed adjustment controls 
for double pulley drives

The variable pulley and control device are mounted together centrally on the drive shaft. This arrangement has the advantage that there are no additional axial loads on the motor shaft bearing.  

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Single pulley drives Fsb 
for wide V-belts

In this system, a spring pulley which opens on both sides (Fsb) is used in conjunction with a fixed driven pulley. Speed adjustment takes place by adjusting the center distance by way of the motor carriage or tilting base.

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Single pulley drives KM, Fs 
for standard V-belts

A fixed driven pulley is required in each case for use with these single pulley drives for standard V-belts. The spring-loaded variable pulley can be opened either on one side (KM) as a plain pulley or on both sides (Fs) as an interlacing type pulley.

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Asymmetrically variable speed pulleys up to 200 kW

  • Asymmetrical cross section
  • High power transmission up to 200kW
  • Low belt-warming
  • Asymmetrical V-belts have a lower belt volume and thus for higher lateral rigidity and less heating, resulting in higher load capacity and longer service life
  • Asymmetric output pulleys are also available with torque-dependent pressure cams, which automatically and permanently guarantees the optimum axial pressure of the V-belt and thus prevents belt slippage during peak- and overload operation or machine starts.

By taking over the asymmetric adjustable pulley technology from the company Becker Antriebe, Sinn, BERGES has significantly expanded its field of competence. BERGES is the only supplier worldwide to offer the two existing variations in design: both the symmetric and as well the asymmetric pulley-type technology.

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Assembly units RGAE

Assembly units of the type RGAE – consisting of a housing, variable pulleys and wide V-belt – are designed for mounting on motors and reduction gearboxes according to IEC standards.

RGAE assembly units are additionally equipped with step or flange bearings and two-bearing shafts (gearbox flange). They are suitable for use with any drive elements as well as for direct mounting of gearboxes with IEC connection.

These assembly units are available complete with adjustment controls, motors and reduction gearboxes if required.

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Speed adjustment controls for assembly units RGAE

Basic components with possibilities of systematic extension

Berges RGAE

Variable speed gear motors

Available in any combination of drive type and motor design. Let us know the job at issue and we will be happy to work out an individual solution for you.

Berges Verstellmotor

ATEX variable speed gear motors

These variable drive motors are explosion-proofed according to directive 2014/34/EU and they classified for Device Group II in Categories 2 and 3 EX II G D c T4 135°. They are available with either reduction gear or gearbox flange.

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